Why You Should Hire Remote Workers

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There are many benefits why companies should hire remote workers.

One of the emerging trends catalyzed by the COVID-19 pandemic is the increase in people working remotely. Remote work has been around for quite some time now. In fact, when you outsource, you are already hiring remote workers because they do not need to be in the same space as your in-house staff. In some cases, the outsourcing firm may be located in a different city or country. 

Moreover, remote work now has become a way of doing things for many companies to ensure employees are safe from COVID-19.

However, for a company thinking of hiring an outsourcing company and working with remote staff, what are the benefits? 

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Outsourcing Remote Work Costs Less

The first thing about outsourcing remote staff is you save both time and money. When you hire your own in-house employee, you use a lot of resources and time. You use them in recruitment to training, and even after you hire them, aside from the salary, there’s a lot of overhead costs you have to pay for. Now, imagine outsourcing them, it can be through a company or an individual freelancer. When you outsource work to a company, you don’t have to pay for all those extra tasks of hiring, recruitment, training, and even the overhead costs. In fact, the company will take care of that. In case you’re hiring a freelancer, you’re saving money because you don’t have to pay for extra space and equipment, plus no need to train them. 

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Increased Savings from Rents and Equipment

Since you’re hiring a remote team or staff, you don’t have to think about expanding your headquarters so you can squeeze in everyone. Thus, no need to pay extra for rent. Plus, no need to buy new equipment.

Increased Productivity 

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There are already a lot of testimonials saying remote work increases a company’s workers’ productivity. For example, Best Buy reported that they saw a 35% increase in their workers’ productivity due to its flexible work program. Another survey from Flexijob found out the factors affecting remote workers and why they’re more productive than office workers. According to them, remote workers feel less stress from commutes, and there are fewer office politics and distractions. 

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You Hire and Work with Experts

When you outsource remote workers, you’re also hiring experts who have years of experience in doing the tasks. Plus, you’re not limited to the talent pool near your business’s vicinity.