Why Soft Skills Are Crucial in Management

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Soft skills are personal traits that affect how well you work and interact with other people at work. More often than not, soft skills are ignored for hard skills. Also, you don’t often see or hear companies training their employees in those skills, even though they can be learned. 

It’s such a waste of opportunity since soft skills can be useful in making a company more competitive in the market. 

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They Are Crucial to Managers

Soft skills are also useful for managers since they are vital in problem-solving and decision making. In fact, a Hay Group research found out that managers who incorporate various soft skills in their approach reported a 30% performance increase in their respective teams. 

The reason is that the team felt valued and rewarded, increasing their motivation. 

Also, they get a “clearer sense of high standards. 

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Soft Skills Are Something Robots Cannot Take from Humans… for Now

The World Economic Forum reported the top soft skills, workers need. Those skills are complex problem solving, critical thinking, creativity, and people management. Those are the top skills because of the increasing capacities of new tech to do work usually assigned to people. It is a fact that Robots and AI might be better at doing work faster. However, skills like creativity, people management, and critical thinking are still human skills. 

Although there are reports of using robots in creative industries, it is not enough because everything still needs human intervention like programming before it works. 

Moreover, aside from those three skills stated above, the World Economic Forum also listed people management, emotional intelligence, and judgment and decision making as top soft skills needed. All are important when you are managing a team or running your own business with teams. 

Moreover, having those traits are also crucial when you want to connect, not only with your colleagues but also with clients and customers.