Why Remote-Work and BPO Are Really the Same Thing (But BPO is Slightly Better…)

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Did you know that business Process Outsourcing (BPO) and remote working are really just the same thing? 

Both maximize the use of services you can get aside from your in-house talents. 

Another similarity is that employers are not liable for the acts of the outsourced BPO or the freelancer as both are independent contractors.

Unlike in-house employees, hiring a BPO or a remote worker also cost less due to a large pool of choices worldwide. 

In addition, employers need not have to hire and train them. 

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Skipping this process lessens unnecessary use of time and resources since both are already equipped with the skills needed for specific tasks or projects. 

Lastly, remote workers or BPOs require only minimal supervision from an employer as both are already responsible for the output or services that are required of them. 

However, despite their similarities, here are some reasons why most businesses would still choose to work with BPOs. 

Why BPO is Still Better

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First, no need to think too much about logistics on dealing with projects, because BPOs are there to do those stuff for you.  

With remote workers, you negotiate only and work with an individual that can deliver you the services you need, which can be lacking at times.  

However, BPOs offer an employer more. 

BPOs already have their own teams that work well together, technology at hand, tools, and infrastructure to deliver the needed service. 

Working with more people with the right tools and technology at hand also means faster delivery of services, but with better quality. 

Also, working with a BPO can divide or reduce the risk businesses face. 

For example, BPOs can assist in scaling a business fast without getting a lot of risk from hiring full-time employees.