Startups that Became Successful Due to Outsourcing

An outsourcing employee giving advice to another one

Did you know that there are a lot of startup companies that made use of outsourcing and eventually became successful? 

Contrary to popular belief, outsourcing is not only for big companies. 

In fact, lots of smaller businesses are opting to outsource some functions of their companies. 

According to Clutch, in 2019, more than a third of small businesses have outsourced business processes. 

The numbers are expected to increase in succeeding years.

Moreover, according to Clutch, small businesses outsource to increase efficiency, the skills available in outsourcing, and to let their own employees focus on other tasks.  

Successful Startups that Made Use of Outsourcing

There are a lot of big companies today (Google, Microsoft, etc.), that have become successful due to outsourcing.

Here are some examples of successful startups that made use of outsourcing during their initial development.

Albaba's headquarters

Alibaba, China’s largest online commerce company, outsourced in the US to make up for China’s lack of development talents in the past. Also, he made use of them to go around China’s internet restrictions. 

Slack, the channel-based messaging platform, also used outsourcing during its initial development. 

According to MediumSlack hired a firm to help it work on its logo, web, mobile application, and marketing site in less than two months. 

Skype's headquarters

Skype, a pioneer in video calling, has in the past used the help of Estonian developers to create its business.