Remote Work Misconceptions

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Remote work has been around for quite some time now and has been increasing even before COVID-19 shook the world. However, it still took a pandemic to happen before more companies transitioned to this work setup. Furthermore, many companies are now realizing the benefits of it. Although in some cases, they are realizing the hardships of transitioning to this setup. Despite those transitions, there are still people who have misconceptions about remote work setup, hindering them from maximizing its use. Read on to find out what are those myths that people think are real about remote work. 

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Less Productivity 

Many believe that since remote workers work with less supervision, they tend to become less productive. In fact, some even believe remote workers become lazy. That’s one huge misconception. In fact, there have been studies showing those workers are more productive than office workers. For example, Connect Solutions found out that among its remote employees,  77% reported greater productivity while working outside the office. Many factors affect remote workers’ productivity outside the office, like fewer distractions, less stress from commuting, fewer office politics, and fewer distractions from colleagues.

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Remote Work is Not for Managers

When it comes to remote work, people have this misconception that it’s only for employees or freelancers. In fact, many people believe that for a manager to work effectively, they have to be with their team. First, managers can work remotely, and it is not exclusive to only employees and freelancers. Second, if a manager cannot manage well without being in the same place as their team, then maybe that person should not be a manager. When working within the same space, some managers tend to micromanage. Micromanaging is not a good managerial trait.

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Communication Suffers

People think that it is hard to communicate in a remote work setup. That is not true though, due to the technology we have now. We now have programs and apps businesses can choose from to ensure communication will not be compromised when using this work setup. Moreover, don’t settle on just one communication method. A business should maximize communicating through video messaging, email, and also instant messaging.  

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Working at the Same Space Beats Remote Work

Many people believe that working inside the office beats working remotely. However, it depends on the needs of a business or a company. For example, companies like Automattic (who owns WordPress) and Zapier have been operating remotely since they started. And yet, it did not hinder them from becoming successful in their own fields.