Remote Work: Discover The Good and the Bad of It

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Working from home or remote work is becoming common these days, especially after a lot of companies have to transition because of the pandemic. In the past, it has become the ideal set up for a lot of people, especially for the younger generations who believe a work-life balance is important. Moreover, while everything seems to look good when it comes to a remote setup, like in any kind of undertaking, it also has its bad aspects. 

Read on to find out, the good and the bad aspects of a remote setup.

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The Good Side of Remote Work

For a long time, there’s a connotation that remote workers are lazier than their office worker counterparts. Mainly because unlike them, they don’t go to the office every day and they have more flexibility when working.

However, there are a lot of studies saying remote work helps in increasing employees’ productivity. For example, a California based company found out their employees’ productivity increased 47% due to working from home. 

Employees who work remotely also feel less stressed compared to those in offices. Some of the reasons are that there are fewer distractions and fewer office politics. Moreover, they don’t have to go through commuting every day. 

Another good thing about this setup is its inclusivity aspect. For some parents, it has been a problem to balance taking care of and spending time with their children because of work. Some women even have a hard time finding a job while also taking care of their children. However, doing everything from home changed that, making it more possible for moms, even single moms, to get jobs while taking of their children at home.

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The Bad and the Ugly

Not being able to interact with your colleagues and other people that much can get lonely as time goes by. Technology has made it easier to connect and interact with people online. However, after some time, people will tend to look for face to face and physical interaction. 

Another bad thing about this setup is that not all jobs apply to it. For example, a Harvard Business School working paper found out that remote work is more common in industries that have workers that are better educated and have better pay.