Remote Work Challenges and How to Face Them

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Work from home has now become a challenge to some people.

Many working professionals have been doing remote work since the onset of the pandemic to help curb the virus. In fact, according to a Stanford University study, 42% of US working professionals work from home full-time during this pandemic. Also, most of them are white-collar office workers. 

This setup change has become the norm for office workers lately, and for many, it is good. In fact, according to a LiveCareer survey,29% of professionals said they would quit their jobs if their workplace forced them to go back to work inside the office. Many remote workers from the survey cited work flexibility, improved work-life balance, increased productivity, and feeling safe as reasons for staying in this setup. 

However, as in everything else, remote work also has its problems.

A report from Buffer itemized the main challenges remote workers face. Read on to find out those challenges and how to overcome them.

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Loneliness While Being Remote

The number one challenge remote workers face is loneliness. This challenge is not surprising since remote work takes away the daily social interaction most people get at work. Also, the pandemic has exacerbated it, since most people are refrained from gathering. 

One thing you can do is schedule well. Sometimes, when you work at home, the lines and boundaries between private time and work become blurred. Have a regular chat both inside your house and online. Talk to your family and your friends. 

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Challenge to Collaborate and Communicate

One problem most people point out with remote work is the difficulty in collaboration and communication. While it is true, it does not mean it is not mendable. In fact, our current technology now has made it possible for effective collaboration and communication. Also, try to make use of more than one channel to communicate and collaborate. For example, don’t limit yourself to only Slack or email. You can also use video conferencing apps, and cloud computing tools to do that. 

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Staying Motivated  

Another challenge many remote workers face is staying motivated. Maybe it is due to the lack of other officemates around who can push them, or maybe due to the repetitiveness of work when they’re away from an office. However, this problem is also faced by employees who are working inside the office. There are many ways to stay motivated. One, dress for work. Working from home should not limit an individual from feeling great getting dressed up. Another is, create a schedule and organize your day. This practice is useful to lessen the feeling of being overwhelmed by work. Lastly, take breaks and reward yourself for a job well done. 

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Distractions at Home

Before, when you’re at work, you’re mostly distracted by only work-related or colleague related stuff. However, remote work now has changed that. Tasks you have to do at home, family members, are now the ones distracting you. One thing you can do is to create a space solely for working. You have to create a boundary between your home life and your work life, inside your own house. Another thing you can do is organize tasks so that you won’t get overwhelmed doing housework and office work.