Prepare for these Changes Brought by Remote Work

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Change is already happening around the world, and as a business, one must need to know how to prepare for it.

COVID-19 has made remote work the setup choice for a lot of companies these days. Whereas in the past, many companies are skeptical about it thinking it might affect the company’s productivity, it now appears acceptable to more and more companies. 

However, as the world transitions to a new normal, and with remote work becoming a permanent choice, there are possible changes that a company needs to prepare for. 

Read on to find out the changes a company might experience because of remote work.

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Relocating Employees

Gone are the days when people have to limit themselves to the cities where their work is located in. Remote setup brings in the freedom for people to work anywhere in the world. 

This is something a company must prepare for because of the possible cybersecurity risks it may bring. For example,  employees who travel around and uses public internet connection when accessing company data. 

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Keeping Employees for a Longer Time

The remote setup opens a lot of possibilities not only for workers but also for businesses. For a company, the talent pool where they hire people just became bigger because geography becomes immaterial in remote work. At the same time, employees are not limited by the type of work and companies they can apply to. Also, the technology we have now makes it easier to work too. Suddenly, employees who believe they have better prospects outside a company can easily change jobs. 

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Collaboration Work

The way of doing things, especially collaboration, will change. Expect less face to face interaction and more digital collaboration with remote work. In some cases, there won’t be any face-to-face collaboration at all. Companies must prepare really well for this, as collaboration work is crucial in a company’s growth.

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Compensation Change

Early this year, Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg announced he would allow more employees to work from home full time. He also predicted that in 5-10 years, around 50% of Facebook workers would have already transitioned to working remotely. He also shared that the company will adjust its employees’ salaries based on their location.  The remote setup may bring in changes in an employee’s compensation due to the cost of living and the market rate in that area. The trend will most likely push employers to hire people who live outside cities because it costs less.