Outsourcing; more than just telemarketing

A Telemarketer Gesturing to Stop

The term “outsourcing” has become a buzzword with many connotations, not all of them good. However, due to the constantly changing way we work in this modern world, outsourcing has become a commodity in businesses, be they large or small. Let me share with you a case for this point.

Almost two years ago, Summit Horizon Solutions started doing some BPO work for a client. The task was simple; one small appointment setting telemarketing campaign. There were around four or five agents in the team, myself being one of them. 

Agents sitting side by side

Due to the success, we had as a team more agents were needed as the client had more budget to invest in the project, Four agents became twenty and other campaigns were delegated to the outsourced team.

As the campaigns continued to find more success, the in-house team got swamped and needed more focus on their research team. (This team helps clean data and process good calls.) This meant more work for Summit. We are still calling for this client to this day and our team in total has expanded to over 40 staff members.

Now, what is the point of this story? Well, this is an example of a client who was not only able to stay afloat but expand during a time when many businesses are suffering due to the global pandemic.

I think I mention this a lot, but, remember, almost any business process can be done by your outsourcing team. Thanks to technological updates, Summit is pushing strongly on the idea that a BPO company is not just a ‘foreign call center’. If taken advantage of, it can be your ticket to success.