Misconceptions about the BPO industry and Outsourcing

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Although many of us are pretty sure we know the ins and outs of outsourcing and the BPO industry, there are still many misconceptions and false information that people believe to be true. Today, I’m going to set the record straight.

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1. Outsourcing is expensive.

Although this is something that comes down to the size of your business, this requires you to use critical thinking and really have a look at the “big picture”. Remember that this isn’t something you are buying, this is something you are investing in. Like the stock market, the BPO industry fluctuates in its value. This is because of constant advances in technology and the way we use it to communicate. If you think outsourcing is still just “a call center in India”, you are wrong! Many different types of services from social media management to video editing are now being outsourced to save time and in the end, save money.

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2. Only large companies or firms can outsource

This is untrue. In the age where anyone with a computer and wifi connection can start a business, the BPO industry is no exception. As I mentioned in the first entry on this list, essentially, any business process can be carried out by a BPO company. Don’t be afraid to ask about the posibilities of doing bespoke business packages. Whether it’s a long term campaign or a little seasonal work. Anything can be possible.

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3. BPO Companies don’t give their employees any benefits

As someone who has worked in the BPO industry for most of their professional life, I can debunk this right now. I have stayed working in the BPO industry due to the amount of freedom and chances to grow professionally that are on offer. I now manage a team of around 40 agents and their well being is taken very seriously. We understand that our agents are human beings and not just numbers on a screen. Of course their output is important, we are in the world of business, but, we understand that having a strong team bond is essential in the success of our company and therefore our clients as well.

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4. BPO Companies are bad for the economy

Again, you have to look at the big picture for this one. The BPO industry has actually had a hand in making the United States of America one of the most prosperous countries in the world. The BPO wants to expand your business, not shrink it. You both have the same common goal. If your business is based in the states, you most likely pay your taxes there as well. The bigger your business, the higher amount of taxes you should be paying. Can you see where I’m going with this?

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5. Outsourcing companies are hard to deal with

Many of us may believe that because there is such a difference in culture, BPO companies won’t be able to understand how other countries do business. Untrue. BPO companies will complete most any task you give them. Remember that instructions and tutorials must be clear to get the most out of them. Like in any part of your life, you must really have a good level of communication if you wish to succeed.

I hope these points have answered some questions you may have had. The BPO industry does get bad press, but there is a lot of misinformation out there. Remember, the key to success is communication.