How Tech Exponentially Facilitated Outsourcing

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The past decade has seen a huge number of changes to the world, especially when it comes to technology. 

For example, ten years have already passed ever since Apple and Instagram first appeared in the tech market. 

Also, the 2010s ushered in a great technological advance that became crucial for communication and convenience, the introduction of 4G networks to mobile phone users. 

With the speed of technology in recent years, it is not surprising that the outsourcing industry was also able to thrive exponentially because of the advances in the past decade.  

Technological Advances Increase Outsourcing

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Ann P. Bartel, a professor from Columbia University, has concluded in a study that advances in technology are linked to the increase of outsourcing

Bartel and other members of her team have found this out after studying Spanish manufactures between 1990 and 2002. 

Communication Technology Makes it Easier to Get Better Deals

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One of the reasons is better communication technology. 

Communication now has made it easier for a company to seek and connect to different outsourcing firms and create a more affordable deal for them. 

Outsourcing Increased Companies’ Access to Better Technology

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Another thing is since technology is rapidly changing, as a company, it has become difficult and more expensive to update technology on your own.

That is where outsourcing comes in, which can give you the type of services those technologies offer.

Gone were the days when bigger companies mean greater access to better technology only because they have more money to invest.

Now, outsourcing makes it easier for other companies’ to have access to new and continuously changing technology.