How Tech Exponentially Facilitated Outsourcing

A remote employee working on her laptop

With significant advances in technology, businesses have been able to use outsourcing far more effectively than ever before.

From budding business owners to presidents of multi-million dollar enterprises, the name of the game is always; ‘Expansion’. However, this can mean a large investment of time, money and other resources, which not every company has. Thanks to technological advances in the past 10 years, managing a team from any location is now as easy as just turning on your computer.

A couple of employees inspecting servers

Applications like;, Slack or even Google Calander, are essentials when it comes to running a team. Personally, i’ve become 100% reliant on Slack. This is how our team has managed to stay in contact, relay feedback and messages effectively and monitor each and every development as it happens. There is no more waiting days for that urgent email you sent to your team. It is instantanious, fairly priced, and highly effective.

Of course, the thing that has made our team flourish and expand from 4 agents to 40 agents, is having more of a personal touch as well. Thanks to developments in VoIP (Voice over Internet Protocol) we are able to speak face to face with our team. Whether it’s one on one or a company wide meeting, we are able to connect with our team, on a personal and professional level.

The global pandemic has changed the game for many businesses. At Summit, we at least have the good fortune of already being prepared for working this way. This is what has allowed us to expand whilst other comapnies have closed their doors.

Thanks to tech constantly changing, running a business from home is easier than ever, but, outsourcing is becoming more necessary than ever.