Helpful Applications You Can Use When Doing Remote Work

A woman looking for remote working apps

The COVID-19 pandemic has pushed a lot of companies and employees to do remote work to lessen contact between people inside workplaces. 

The situation has forced people, used to working inside their offices, to start working somewhere else like their houses, leaving them to adjust on their own.

That is why one must make use of tools to make those adjustments easier. 

Here are some useful applications you can use while doing remote work.

A man working from home using team chat apps

Team Chat Applications

Communication is one of the most crucial aspects of remote work, especially now that many workers work far from their colleagues and managers. 

To transfer your workplace from the office to cyberspace, you can use team chat applications such as Slack, Microsoft Team, or Google Hangouts. 

A Remote Employee on a video conference call

Program for Video Conferences

There might be times when you need to talk to your colleagues, manager, and boss face to face…in cyberspace. 

Video conferences are important when regularly checking up on each other and updating tasks. Also, in some cases, people are better at understanding visual cues rather than just texts. 

Some applications you can use to video chat are Zoom, Google Meet, and Skype. 

A remote employee utilizing cloud storage apps

Cloud Storage and Online Office Programs

Collaborate effectively with your workmates through the use of cloud storage and online office programs. 

In the past, collaboration sounds difficult when working far from each other.

However, thanks to technology, it has now become easy for people from different parts of the world to work together through the use of cloud storage and online office programs. 

Some cloud storage you can use is Dropbox and Google Drive. When it comes to Online Office Programs, there is G Suite and Microsoft Office Online. 

A man with headphones working on his laptop

Application for Focus And Productivity

Perhaps, one of the challenges of working outside the office is retaining one’s focus and productivity due to the lack of physical supervising. 

That is why, when doing remote work, one can make use of applications to help in that area. 

Some applications to use are Focus To-Do, which makes use of the Pomodoro method to balance working and taking breaks. To increase your productivity and lessen distractions, make use of background sounds to help you focus, such as Noisli.