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We are a BBB accredited organization, with over 10-years of experience in dealing with clients that operate across various industries, including Restaurant & Hospitality, Medical Billing, Low-Voltage Cable, Information Technology, Realty, and Home Improvement.

Our clients include Solopreneurs, Small to Large businesses, and non-profits too, which is why our solution fits into almost any operation.

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What Sets Summit Horizon Solutions Apart From The Competition?

We have done extensive research and found that very few companies in our industry will provide custom solutions, like we do. We work alongside our clients to help develop service models that fit their business, instead of their business fitting into ours. This sets us apart from the competition right away.

How Safe Will You Keep My Business Information?

We have strict safety policies designed to keep your information safe, similar to those found on a CPNI policy; our entire system infrastructure was built around these policies. Starting from our network and down to each individual station, we make sure that internal or external threats will not harm our clients’ business. Each employee is trained to protect client information and understand that we have a zero-tolerance policy for anyone who violates such policy.

Do You Have A DRP? (Disaster Recovery Plan)

We understand natural, as, human-made disasters can occur. Therefore, we do not disregard the possibility that such event(s) can impact our operations. To go hand in hand with our Safety Policy; we have developed safeguards to ensure the stability of our service. Details about this plan are available upon request.

What If I Need To Cancel My Service?

We understand that our service might not be what every client is looking for that reason at times we might need to part ways. As stated in our contract;

“The contract will automatically renew each month on the “monthly renewal date” unless one of the following occurs: 1. The client notifies Summit Horizon Solutions before the monthly renewal date of the effective date of the contract, in writing by email to info@SummitHorizonSolutions.com, of the client’s intention to cancel the contract or prevent the renewal of the contract; or 2. The prospect list is exhausted and neither the client, nor Summit Horizon Solutions is able or willing to generate a new prospect list. If and when a party becomes aware of their inability or unwillingness to generate a fresh list of prospective contacts, both parties are obligated to inform the other of the non-renewal of this contract by email no later than two business days of that discovery”.

Are My Assigned Agents, Shared With Other Clients?

No, we pride ourselves in knowing that 100% of the agent’s efforts and focus is on their assigned campaign.

How Long Does It Take To Launch My Campaign?

Typically, it takes 1 full business week, to prepare the launch of a campaign, more complex projects, may take up to 2 weeks. It really all comes down to the client’s discretion.

How Good Is The Agents' English?

Our nearshore operation center boarders with San Diego, CA. Therefore, most of our agents have lived or studied San Diego. The fact that we are so close to a U.S. border, allows us to hire personnel with proficient English skills. Some of our agents could even be scored at a 5 (per the U.S. Department of State Language Proficiency Table, found here) which is native speaker.
We are however an equal opportunity employer, on both sides of the border, and also employ level 3 proficiency English speakers.

How Long Is My Contract For?

Our contracts are month-to-month agreements, however we do have long term service contracts, for clients that want to see an even bigger savings.

What If I'm Not Happy With An Agent?

Our customers’ satisfaction is extremely important to us; therefore, we work closely with each agent to ensure they deliver the best performance to the client. If ever a client is still unsatisfied with a particular agent, we make it right by scouting new talent, if we do not already have someone our client approves.

What Are The Benefits Of Outsourcing?

There is magnitude of benefits to outsourcing a position or an entire department that does not need to be ran out of the client’s place of operation. Just to name a few:

1) The time and investment that it takes to hire and train an employee(s) in the US.
1-A) Announcing a position on any public forum takes money, 1-B) doing interviews takes time and money (as time is money), 1-C) and of course training a person takes money.

2) The responsibility and risks of having people work for your company.
2-A) Trusting employees with your company’s sensitive/proprietary information is never more safe than knowing a business (like us) that provides you the same function as an in-house employee, is contractually obligated to maintain all of your information safe.
2-B) Per the 2015 report (2016 is not out yet)  released by the U.S department of labor statistics, on average, an employer in the Professional and Business Services industry (A.K.A – office jobs), has a 8.95% possibility of having an employee get injured on the job. While the injury percent may seem small, the actual cost per claim averages $3,000 on the low end to $15,000 on the high end. These are just injury statistics, which do not include standard HR and Payroll disputes, which fall under a whole other category… legal risks.

3) The legal liability of having employees.
3-A) While an employer has the obligation of maintaining a fair and equal workplace environment, labor statistics indicate that HR claims are not equal to men and women. The reason this is important is that most office related jobs are occupied by women, which is also the group that has the highest number of incidents that lead to claims in a workplace. In comparison to the men group. These claims costs as much as $50,000 dollars after attorney, insurance, administrative, and settlement fees. The handling of an employee is too often underrated and poorly executed, time and time again companies across the U.S are sued for all types employee mishandling, which results in cases of harassment, including the most common and easiest to occur, sexual harassment.

4) Not to mention the insurances, different types of licenses required to have in-house personnel
4-A) Right off the top, employers know too well the burden of Medical-employee benefits. In many cases employers think that having part-time employees is the way to go, in order to avoid paying health insurance or standard benefits. While big box stores use commonly use this practice, small businesses actually lose more money by attempting this employment model and ultimately do not take full advantage of an employee potential. Turnover also becomes a huge factor if an employee is kept at a part-time position too long.
4-B) Most office type positions require some sort of computer device, whether it be a standard laptop or actual desktop, the device itself carries a cost. However additional investments are required for that same device, which include licenses and maintenance.