FAQ about Outsourcing

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When considering your options in which BPO company you decide to use in outsourcing, there are a lot of things we don’t always consider. Here are a few questions that might be able to help you consider what could be a good fit for you.

Do you have the expertise in-house?

This could be the factor that makes or breaks a BPO company being used to its full potential. If you understand your target audience, your sales process, or whatever you are looking to achieve from hiring a BPO company, you will have far more success than if you are still developing your business. BPO companies, like Summit Horizon, are always open to collaborating with their clients to be able to get the quality or frequency of work rate that they need.

Will outsourcing cost less?

Short answer; yes. If you take into consideration everything mentioned in the first question, you’ll be able to have a team that can do everything an in-house team can do at a higher frequency and with a lot lower cost of labor. Remember that this is if you understand what you really want to get out of outsourcing.

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Do you have staff capable of being able to manage an outsourced relationship?

As in most things in life, communication is key. COVID-19 has actually made us evaluate the way in which we do work. A good BPO company should already have a means for internal communications as a lot of the staff are actually working from home and have been since before the pandemic. Make sure that you have someone in the company who is able to keep up constant contact with the team you are using. A clear point of constant contact will help the speed at which you are able to relay messages efficiently. Not to mention, this can also back-up any conversations had so there are no misunderstandings.

Is the activity core or peripheral to your business?

Remember, almost any business process can be outsourced. If it is a core business process you need outsourced, make sure that this is clear to the team you hire. Understanding the relevance of what the team does for the business will improve your success rate exponentially. These aren’t just numbers you are hiring. There are people who are looking to do the best job they can. The role of the BPO company is growth for the client. A basic understanding of where the BPO company fits in the client’s plans will only better the working relationship.

This was a brief revision to make sure that any business owner or developer has all the requirements to get the most out of their BPO company of choice. There are a lot of options out there that specialize in different campaign styles. Just remember to be prepared.