Does Google Use Outsourcing?

The google hq facade

Did you know that successful companies such as Google also use outsourcing? Not only Google but a lot of successful companies now, especially the ones from the tech industry, tap outsourcing companies to help them in some of their projects. 

Well, why not? Outsourcing can bring lots of benefits to a company, be it a startup, a small one, or one as big and successful as Google. 

Big tech companies were able to realize the benefits of outsourcing and how they can make it work for their model. 

Aside from being cost-effective, outsourcing also brings in efficiency and an increase in work strength. 

Google and Outsourcing

Google has been outsourcing large parts of its work to different IT services such as Infosys and Wipro for a long time now. 

It also outsources a lot of contractors as workers, especially for AdWords, Google’s advertising system, and one of its biggest money-making arm. 

Since 2011, it has been outsourcing phone and email support to thousands of representatives all over the world. This, in effect, has created in Google impressive customer support. Also, at the same time, it gave Google another way to gather information about its customers that can be used for marketing and development. 

The Cognizant website under a magnifying glass

In 2016, Google entered into another outsourcing partnership with Cognizant, an American company that employs a lot of employees from India. Cognizant is also known to have worked with other big tech companies such as Facebook.