COVID-19 Accelerated Innovation in Business

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The COVID-19 pandemic has ushered in new challenges to businesses worldwide, regardless of its size or industry. However, it also brought in opportunities for different kinds of businesses. The reason, they’re quick to recover and adapt. COVID-19 also forced a lot of businesses to transition to a work from home set up. This is to protect their employees and curb the virus infection. 

Read on to find other reasons how the pandemic accelerated innovation in the business sector.

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Communication and Collaboration Tools for Business

Because of COVID-19, many businesses find ways how to better communicate and collaborate despite the physical distance between people. Whereas we’re already doing almost everything digital before the pandemic, the need for it is greater now. Thus digital collaboration is getting better and is leaping bounds when it comes to innovation. 

Even big tech companies like Salesforce and Slack saw the need for better communication and collaboration that they’ve already collaborated with each other. Recently, Salesforce announced it is buying the famous workplace chat app to better its service by integrating Slack with Salesforce Customer 360. 

A woman holding a smartphone and a laptop

Optimized Omnichannel Support

A lot of industries in the business sector have faced enormous challenges because of COVID-19. However, one industry was able to thrive in it, e-commerce. Due to the need for social distancing, people are opting to do most of their transactions online, like shopping, paying bills, etc. 

In fact, more than 20 percent of Americans shared that there has been an increase in the frequency of their shopping online to avoid contracting the virus. 

Also, in May 2020, 62% of American adults reported they’ve been going to physical shops less. 

These new changes in consumer behavior brought new ways to connect and work when it comes to the business/service provider and consumers. 

Thus omnichannel support is also optimized since it gives customers different ways to access a business. For example, if they prefer it, they can pick up or have their purchases delivered to their homes.