5 Questions You Should Ask Before You Outsource

A man and a woman wondering

There are a lot of outsourcing companies around you can choose from.

However, business owners have the responsibility to ask questions and do their research before making a deal with one. 

Companies do interviews before getting new employees, so why shouldn’t it be the case when partnering with an outsourcing company. 

Here are some questions businesses can ask before making a deal with a possible service provider.

A Hiring Manager asking for samples of previous outsourcing work

Customer Satisfaction and Samples of their Previous Projects

First things first, know how they work with their past clients. Are they satisfied? Will they vouch for the outsourcing company? Were they able to deliver what their clients need?

Also, make sure that you ask about their past projects and experiences for you to know if you guys are compatible to work together. 

A man in a security shirt

Security Policy and Measure

When you outsource, you enter into a partnership with another business, and in the course of working together, there will be a lot of information exchange. 

That is why asking your service provider’s measure and policy when it comes to security and data privacy is crucial to ensure your business will stay protected. 

A group of employees managing a project

How They Will Manage Your Project and Needs 

Different companies have different needs, so it’s important to ask a service provider, how they work, and what are their methods to ensure it is compatible with your company’s needs. 

Also include how flexible they are with their methods, especially to the changing needs of your business. 

A burnt down office computer

Assurance in Case of Disaster 

What are the safeguards the outsourcing company has to ensure stability in case there’s a disaster? 

How do they plan to face those challenges? Also, what’s your assurance your business stays protected from the effects of a disaster. 

Two partners ending a partnership

Ending the Partnership 

The reason for asking questions is to know if your company is compatible with working with a service provider.

However, in case things don’t work out, what’s the exit plan? Is there one? Also, how does it work?