4 Remote Companies That Became Succesful

A man on in his sofa working on his laptop

With COVID-19 around, remote work is becoming the new normal when it comes to office work. In fact, some companies have already decided to go fully remote, like Twitter, Square, and Shopify. 

Moreover, did you know that even before the pandemic, some companies have already made the switch to this setup?

Here are some companies who have been doing remote work for quite some time now. 

The Mozilla headquarters


As of 2019, around half of Mozilla’s more than a thousand employees have been working outside its office. Mozilla is not new to remote work. In fact, it has been offering this setup for its employees even before COVID-19 happened. 

Due to it, Mozilla has already created different approaches to maintain co-working communities while remote working. For example, new Mozilla employees are usually flown to Mountain View and undergo a week of cultural onboarding. According to Mozilla, for the first few months, the employees are also connected to an experienced “Remote Buddy,” who can assist them while settling down in the company. 

A Zapier Infographic


Zapier, the company that offers online automation tools, has been operating as a remote company since the start. In fact, more than 300 of Zapier’s employees are working from different countries and timezones. 

The Buffer UI on different platforms


The social media brand-building company has been doing remote work for years now. In fact, it has been employing remote workers since 2011, and its employees have stopped going to the office since 2015. 

Because of the company’s long experience with this setup, it has already learned a lot about how to make this kind of setup work through different tools and collaboration practices. 

Automattic's logo on a mobile interface


Automattic has more than a thousand employees all over the world. 

It is the same company that owns WordPress, which powers 38% of all the websites on the internet.

The company does not even have an office making its employees do all collaboration and work in a remote setup.